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04 March 2009 @ 08:05 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 5: The Hartford (2) Family  
Previously: Nothing! Gila lived with her mother and brother, grew into an adult, woohoo-ed Brandon Lillard, then moved out. This is her first round on her own.

Here is Gila's madeover adult look.

And here's Gila's new house.

Gila does not like her new chair. You ain't rich, girl. Deal with it.

One of Gila's almost-friends was this woman, Bai. So Gila invited her over. They actually became quite good friends.

The welcome wagon included Andrea, Auralee, and Amin. Only A names? Anyway, Gila liked Amin.

Apparently Amin is not impressed with Gila's makeup.

Gila is working toward 50 dream dates, so why not her wooHoo buddy, Brandon?

Brandon falls in love with Gila's child-like qualities.

Look at his face! He is enamored with her.

Of course, Gila thinks Goopy is hot. Who doesn't?

I like the lighting in this picture.

Brandon, the romance sim, wants to get engaged to Gila! (While also fearing it of course)

Now Gila wants to get engaged! I don't indulge them though. Maybe I should have.

Ooo, he's a doctor.

Meanwhile Goopy is woohooing in the hot tub. Thanks ACR.

Brandon and Gila follow Goopy's example.

Dream date! Success!

Since Gila needs more dream dates, I have her ask him out immediately after.

She brings him home for this date. He doesn't bother to put his kilt back on.

This always makes for a dream date.

Awww, cute.

Then Brandon becomes rather stalker-ish.

Eventually she wakes up...another success and a cleaning skill point!

Continuing Gila's social life, Bai invites Gila on an outing.

Uh oh...it's Orlando...the boy who thought she cheated on him, but really, they were never committed.

Guess he's not forgiving. Oh well.

HEY! It is Justine Gable! Does the orphanage allow children to go to night clubs? Apparently so.

Apparently the neglect of her parents has hardened Justine to any friendly advances.

Or maybe Gila is just not good with kids.

Dining goes better though.

After the outing, Gila starts pounding down drinks.

Awww, Brandon fears the death of Gila. That's good, I guess.

Gila's mom, Jaya, comes to visit Gila at the new house.

Gila grooms her mother. Then they talk. Then visit over. Not that interesting.

Dear Diary.
My mom came to visit today. She said there was a break in at the old house. How scary! He stole the telescope, but at least he didn't get the chess table. I love the chess table.
Also, I found a great bar today. I think I will go more often and take up drinking. The bartender seemed pretty nice.
Love, Gila

Gila makes friends with the mail man. Always good to meet new potential dates.

Mark comes to visit and promptly plays with the fridge. You don't do that at your house, Mark.

Gila tells Mark to stop damaging her property.

Gila does her best alien imitation. Then decides she is too mature for this conversation.

Kamil comes by. Gila doesn't think much of him, which is good, cuz he's Jocelyn's man.

Kamil thinks Gila is super hot. But he won't take hugs.

Bye then.

And Gila gets a promotion!

Next time: Gila continues looking for dream dates. How will her relationship with Brandon change when her high school boyfriend, Arlo, becomes an adult? Or when Brandon finds out she's trying to date as many people as possible?

mordana666mordana666 on March 5th, 2009 07:48 pm (UTC)
I hate the 50 this and 50 that LTW's. At least it's 50 Dream dates, and not 50 1'st - now that is a killer. Maybe all sims have the potential to become stalkers - first Melissa, then Brandon. Maybe it's just the townies, they all seem a little odd after their years of trying to get adopted into a legacy or prosperity challenge somewhere ;) See, another new thing - never seen a child or teen play with the fridge. Although I did catch one of mine sliding down the bannisters recently and was most impressed. See you next update!
Rachelreksims on March 5th, 2009 07:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah I don't know what it is with these townies hanging out when they are clearly not wanted. Creepy.

And it is fun when these little things come up! I've seen children play with the fridge, but Mark was the first teen.

Thanks for reading!
lizbeth120lizbeth120 on March 6th, 2009 01:24 am (UTC)
You're doing a fantastic job with your prosperity so far. I love the pictures, they are hilarious! I just read through from the beginning and I'm glad your families are finally starting to settled in, starting out can be rough.

Also funny because I got a comment from you on my blog as I was reading through yours!

Can't wait for more :)

~Liz (http://silvervaleprosperity.blogspot.com/)
Rachelreksims on March 6th, 2009 02:33 am (UTC)
Really? Okay that is funny timing. (And glad you put silvervale, I don't think I knew your name.)

Thanks for reading...glad you're finding them entertaining.