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01 March 2009 @ 06:28 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 5: The Rossiter Family Part 1  
Previously on the Rossiter family: Life with five teens involved a lot of smustling and a lot of dating. Arlo started going steady with Gila Hartford. Evlin fell in love with her childhood friend, Mark Hartford. And Jarel aged into an adult.

Yeah yeah. You never have any fun. Go back to smustling and get over it.

Have you seen Bella Goth?

Anyway, back to the story...

Evlin apparently has attended the Gila Hartford School of Charm.

This woman is Raven. I don't know that she's met Jarel before...but she seemed to like him. So I had him greet her.

Hmmm...maybe they have met and I just forgot.

This is going well.

Watch the eyes, Raven.

I noticed this right as they were leaving for school/work so no one could fix it before leaving.

Yeah that's what I thought would happen.

I know, it's horribly upsetting. The bugs are gone now, though. Don't worry.


Hmmm...Orlando wants to slap Arlo. This probably explains the garbage tipping too.

I'd forgotten that Orlando is upset becuz he is in love with Arlo's girlfriend, Gila.

While this is happening, Evlin reached the top of her career track for a teen.

Then Orlando eats the rotten cereal from this morning. HAHAA. I hope he gets food poisoning!

I wonder what shocking thing Whistler is doing.

Evlin and Whistler and the mirror

Morning at the Rossiter house

Orlando came back bright and early.

Congrats on moving into this house, Arlo.
I have no idea. She did that a few times.

Some weekend dates...

Whistler goes on a date with Tosha. These were the highlights.

Evlin invites over her boyfriend Mark.

And Jarel invites Raven on a date.

This guy thinks Jarel is hot too. But Jarel isn't so interested in the old man.

Jarel and Raven are cozy in the hot tub, much to Marleyna's chargin.

Awww. And then...

And Marleyna is still trying to get in the hot tub!

Awww. Jarel's first wooHoo.

Finally, Marleyna is allowed in.

Raven is turned on by brown hair...that's not so useful.

A senior manager...that seems like a pretty good job.

Ooo, and she has some money...this may be a keeper.

Raven thinks that bartender is ugly.

Seriously...but is it necessary to boo him?

Marleyna thinks Jarel is hot...after she saw what he could do in the hot tub earlier.

Ooo, the evil Mrs. Crumplebottom. Good thing she didn't see the hot tub earlier.

Jarel yells back at Mrs. Crumplebottom...and Raven is in love!

And Jarel is in love!

Jarel thinks Jaya is hot...but not gonna happen.

Jarel asks Raven home for the end of the date.

Raven wants to get engaged!


And on that note, I break up this round into two entries.