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19 February 2009 @ 11:12 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 4: Hartford Family Part 2  
Continuing from here.

Fortunately, this did NOT result in the loss of the telescope. I woulda been really mad.

After the storm stops, Jaya comes home with another promotion. Woo!

Gila's birthday! Notice she's inviting Evlin, Mark's girlfriend, and Meadow, Mark's crush. Let's see how that goes.

Notice she is not inviting her mortal enemy, Orlando.

Meadow already looks mad. Not sure what happened. I keep catching Meadow unhappy without figuring out why.

Orlando comes by to knock of the garbage can and decides that Sophie is hot.

Birthday time!

Yeah, she's definitely gonna need new clothes.

Roof raiser!

New clothes...much better.

Looking around Cold Issue Clothing, who does Gila spot? Of course, Goopy.

Too bad her mother's already got him.

Goopy doesn't like so much when Jaya imitates him.

Awww. Goopy is in love.

And now Jaya is in love.

2 down, 18 to go!

Gila brings Brandon home from work. She thinks he's hot...as does her mother.

Gila's first woohoo! Damn you, ACR!

And look how fast he leaves.

Oh now you have crushes.

Mark looks at his sister kissing a man. He spends too much time looking at her kissing boys.

She looks pretty happy though.

Oh hours after you woohoo, then you make out.

Mark gets invited on an outing.

First thing he does is dismiss the kid.

Damn, that worked too well.

I gave Gila new grown-up hair and make up. You'll see the hair next time she's in her everyday clothes. It's pretty hot.

Farris has a crush on Mark, so he does ring and run?

Gila sets him straight.

Promotion for Gila on her second day of work! Good job, Gila!

Jaya asks Ben Long on a date.

Crushes. Oh look, there's Goopy.

This shouldn't be a problem, since ACR lessens jealous in romance sims.

Or not.

This can't be helping the date score.

Jaya tries apologizing.

Anyway, back to the date.

Jaya cheers for Ben.

Brandi previously beat up Ben. It's all the gossip in Everdale.

Jaya is tired.

I don't know which one of them found this interaction negative.

Apparently Jarel Rossiter also finds Jaya hot. I don't think I want them involved.

Ben's in love. Aww.

Then he goes and steals Auralee's cake.

After his cake, Jaya invites him to come home with her.

"So tired, but must woohoo"

And Jaya is in love.

17 to go.

Well Gila is grown up now, time to move on.

You'll have to knock over trash cans at a new home from now on, Orlando.

Mark says goodbye...he and Gila are very close.

And lastly, Sophie Miguel spontaneously combusts!

Uh oh...

Oh good. Jaya takes charge and the fireman comes.

Sophie survives unscathed. Hard to believe.

These trees survived too.

Next time: more woohoo for Jaya? Mark gets closer to adulthood and Gila gets her own round!

mordana666mordana666 on February 23rd, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
Very entertaining - I particularly liked Sophie Miguel spontaneously combusting - random things never seem to happen in my neighbourhood. ACR is great, but I also found it didn't stop the jealousy issues. Some of my sims seemed to slapped every time they went downtown? I love seasons, but the lightning is a bit full on sometimes - I mean, have you ever seen trees go on fire as many times in RL? I Look forward to seeing Gila in her own round.
Racheliselda on February 23rd, 2009 11:34 pm (UTC)
No kidding! But then again, I don't think people have stove fires nearly as often IRL either. Thanks for reading still!