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15 February 2009 @ 10:52 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 4: Rossiter Family  
Previously on the Rossiters, Evlin became a teen, making for five smustling teens in the house. Jarel finally got an A+. Arlo had dated Gila, but Woody thought she was hot. Both Arlo and Evlin thought Ricky Cormier was the hottest sim in Everdale. Yuck yuck yuck. 

Aww, apparently Arlo wants to go steady with Gila. We might be able to arrange that.

It's Saturday at the Rossiters and the house is full of teens.

Arlo dances with Mark Hartford.

Smustle! Notice Evlin in the background, being a good kid and doing her homework.

Having all the teens in the house made theplace really messy. And I remembered Mark's 9 neat points, so Jarel used his influence. Mark was really good.

After the dance party is a homework party.

I still haven't figured out how to not cut off the bottom of the screen in Irfanview. But what I wanted to show here is that Evlin barely knows who her brother Woody is.

Actually it is interesting: the triplets (Arlo, Whistler, and Woody) all had the same personality. Arlo is pleausre, but Whistler and Woody are both popularity. Yet they are all pretty different. Woody is really less involved with all his siblings and has fewer outside friends than most of them.

Sunday I decide will be date day. First up, Arlo asks out Gila Hartford.

They're really cute.

Why is that hostesss so angry? Doesn't like kids kissing in the diner?

Apparently they both want to go steady...so let's make that happen.

Yay! That hostess is still angry.

Back at home...

Evlin decides it is time to look more grown up and tries out some make up.

Next up, Jarel's date with his friend Bai from school.

So far, so good.

Bai doesn't want Jarel's gross chilli.

Toasting is okay though.

As is throwing the gross chilli.

First kiss! Yay!

This will be Jarel's last date with Bai though...he grows up tomorrow.

Back at home...

Gila was happy with her date with Arlo.

Next up, Whistler asks out Sophie.

She begins by laughing at Whistler's bad bowling.

Followed by boring conversation.

Things got better from there though.

Apparently she likes his full face makeup???

She really does think he is hot though...for whatever reason.


This all makes Whistler really tired though. He falls right asleep when he gets home.

Last up, Woody and Evlin. Since neither of them had an obvious love interest (cuz I am NOT sending anyone out with Ricky Cormier and Evlin didn't seem interested in Mark as I had hoped), I just sent them on an outing downtown to try and pick up someone.

Yeah Evlin, telling someone about death in the first conversation is probably not a turn on.

No one good here...next lot...

Woody is already bored with this.

Evlin found someone she liked, but he didn't seem too interested.

Nonetheless she, the guy, and Woody played some cards. Then Evlin and Woody gave up and went home.

Whistler's popularity aspiration is doing well. He goes on an outing with this woman.

Aside from burnt hot dogs, the outing went well.

Monday morning

This isn't gonna help with your likability, Woody.

Time for school.

Jarel gets another A+...and cheers for himself. Poor orphan.

What's wrong Meadow?

Someone made Meadow cry, but I didn't see what happened. Anyway...birthday party time!

Woody scopes the room.

Sophie, the girl dancing with your brother? No, you can't have her.

Jarel gets ready to blow out the candles, while everyone tries to fit in the kitchen. I have to remember to not have birthdays in the kitchen.

At least Meadow is enthusiastic.

Oh no.
They don't have a lot of money, buying clothes is a luxury. But I don't know how long I can look at his underwear!!!

Promotion...all good.

Now you may remember, I really thought Evlin and Mark Hartford were awfully cute as kids. (See here and here.) But somehow they weren't attracted to each other as teens, despite remaining good friends.

But I couldn't quite give it up. I figure, let's have Evlin do one romantic hug...and if it doesn't work, so be it.

They're in love! One hug and they're in love!!! Okay, I'm keeping them together.

Arlo was at work through the party...but he got a promotion.

Meadow and Woody develop crushes...so Woody may get a date in the next round.

After the party...

Whistler is invited on yet another outing. And apparently Benjamin Long is gay.

Then there's a homework party.

And Jarel, the knowledge sim, sees the ghost of his mother.

Then smustle party.

I really couldn't take seeing the underwear...so off to shopping.

Much better.

A popularity sim's dream...Whistler is invited on another outing. He has to decline this one.


Bad chance card.

Sorry Arlo.

To make him feel better, I send Arlo on a date with his girlfriend, Gila.

Everyone's a critic.

And lastly...

Jarel gets a promotion!

Next time: how will the four remaining teens do with dating, school, and work? Will Evlin and Mark be able to make their friendship into more? (We'll find out in the Hartfords round next.)  Will Jarel be able to find an adult social life and happiness?

mordana666mordana666 on February 17th, 2009 12:23 pm (UTC)
Wow, you fit so much into just one update. When I first met this family, I really thought they wouldn't all make it through to adulthood - but Jarel's grown up well considering, and all the others seem to be making the most of their teenage years. I think you're right about Ricky Cornier, he's more trouble than he's worth in my opinion - I sent him to college with one of my sims, and his LTW is 20 sim lovers. I'm glad Evlin and Mark got together - when they had no attraction last round, I really thought that was the end for them. I think they make a cute couple. Well done on another entertaining update.