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02 February 2009 @ 10:24 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 3: The Rossiter Family  
Previously on the Rossiters, while Jarel struggled with school and lost his job, his younger siblings continued to do well. The triplets became teenagers and a penguin chatted with a snowman.

Jarel is still struggling. Better, but struggling.

Sophie thinks Whistler is hot. (And Jocelyn Florez watches her talk about him.)

She goes on about how great he is for a long while.

Awww...Jarel is dreaming of their mother.

And Whistler dreams of Sophie.

Evlin finally got her A+.

Yay Evlin!

After school with four teens in the house can be quite the party.

Jarel, Sophie, and Arlo smustle!

I think Arlo is my favorite of the boys.

Evlin reads by herself on her bed. How cute.

Yay Whistler!

Winter fun for Woody and Evlin.

Still a tough day at school for Jarel. Doing a little better.

More after school smustle.

Damn. I picked the wrong chance card for Woody.

Luckily, Arlo gets the benefit of my mistake on Woody.

I figure that Woody is not in the mood for a party so I send everyone home.

Aww, poor Woody.

Sometimes afternoon looks like a big homework party.

Poor Evlin wet the bed again. This is what happens when toddlers are neglected and never get potty trained.

Awww. Poor Evlin.

Jarel gets an A+!

Jarel cheers for himself. This must be what growing up without parents does to a boy.

Evlin's birthday party!

Woody thinks Gila Hartford is hot. Of course, Arlo has already dated her.

And Orlando thinks Mark Hartford is hot. Interesting.

Everyone has a hard time fitting in the kitchen for the candle blowing out. Maybe I should do this party in another room.

Evlin blows out the candles.

The guests cheer for Evlin, even though her brothers have given up. 

Look how supportive the guests are.

Evlin as a teen.
I like when they grow up and you can see the resemblance from when they were very young. (Every picture I have of her when she is a toddler has her looking miserably unhappy.)

And this birthday goes well!
Evlin becomes a pleasure sim with a LTW to have 50 dream dates. Her stats are 5/8/6/3/3. Her turn ons are black hair and underwear. Her turn off is strength.

I thought Evlin and Mark were so cute as kids...so I have her scope room as a teen to see if this could grow into something.

Ricky Cormier? Yuck.

Mark is a keeper though...he's outside weeding during the party.

Arlo also thinks Ricky is hot. I guess Arlo is bi.

A successful party! (Woody is the one who threw it for Evlin.)

The next day: Jarel, the knowledge sim, wants to go steady. It must be spring.

Will love be in the air for the five teenagers this spring? Will there be more smustle in a house with only teenagers? Find out next time.

mordana666mordana666 on February 5th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)
Oh well done Evlin, growing up well, and a great party too - hopefully the bed wetting is now a thing of the past. 50 dream dates is a great aspiration builder too - she'll never have to suffer again, as long as she finds the right man. I agree - Ricky Cornier - Eww! It's Jarel I feel the happiest for, as that boy really suffered. But he turned it around. In fact although Woody had a small set back being fired, I think things have turned out better than could be expected for the whole family. Can't wait to find out who Arlo ends up with? This will be interesting!
ll_overtherell_overthere on February 7th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
not surprising that Evlin likes Ricky. He's a romance and she's a pleasure.
anyhow i'm glad to see she grew up well and woot for Jarel and his A+! hot dog, I am impressed. you did great with this family and here they are all as teens. Jarel is so close to becoming an adult. wow. this family has gone through a lot
Rachelreksims on February 7th, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
I'm a little perplexed how well this has family has done...and how badly the Gables who started with 3 adults and 3 kids did! But it's been entertaining.