Rachel (reksims) wrote,

Everdale Prosperity Round 16 Hartford 2 Family

 Previously on the Hartford 2s, Aimee adjusted to live as a vampire. Aimee finally found a military job. She also chose romance as a secondary aspiration and started to live it. At the end of the round she found herself pregnant...is the baby Fidelis' or Count Isidor's???

I forgot an intro picture, but imagine a pregnant vampire alone.

Aimee, popularity/romance sim, LTW: become general, 9 neat, 3 shy, 10 active, 10 playful, 3 grouchy, OTH: sports

Family Sunday begins at night at Aimee's house. Lexi leaves immediately.

Aimee and Evlin take advantage of the snow to have a snowball fight.

If you like snow, my house is a great place. After tomorrow's storm, I think we'll have close to four feet on the ground.

I think Mark is way too invested in this game of kicky bag.

After family Sunday, Aimee invites over Fidelis for a date...then goes into labor.

I think we can safely say this is Fidelis' daughter. Her name is Rebecca. She has her mom's blue eyes, her dad's dark skin, and the brown hair of both her parents.

They have a baby, yet the date is only mediocre.

Poor Rebecca.

Fidelis wants to marry Aimee. I don't think she has much interest in getting married. Especially now that she is romance as secondary.

Aimee decides that the vampire lifestyle is no way to raise a child...so she takes some vampricillan.

Aimee as a non-vampire!

The next day, promotion for Aimee!

Get used to it, baby. Mommy needs to go out.

See? She did call a nanny though.

I know that Rebecca's father is of a different race, but this is a little ridiculous.

Bonus for Aimee!

Another promotion for Aimee.

Black Rebecca and the kitchen floor

Time for Rebecca's birthday party!

The party gets broken up before cake time. Where is Rebecca?

The usual.

Aimee and Fidelis do a private party for Rebecca.

Rebecca as a toddler.

Another mean kid.

Back to her usual spot on the floor.

Rebecca meets her dad. 

Overall, these adults aren't so interested in having a kid.

See what I mean?

I sense a lot of resentment in Rebecca's future.


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