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01 January 2011 @ 11:00 pm
Everdale Prosperity Round 16 Carr 2 Family  
Previously on the Carr 2s, Meadow got a job in the education field and started gardening. Kirtland and Brooks grew into teens. Sarah became a toddler and learned her skills pretty quick. 

Sarah Carr, toddler sim, 9 neat, 6 outgoing, 10 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy, OTH: science
Brooks Carr, teen fortune sim; LTW: become head of SCIA, 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 9 active, 3 serious, 1 grouchy, OTH: sports
Meadow Carr, family sim, LTW: become education minister, 4 sloppy, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 7 playful, 6 nice, OTH: nature
Zeb Carr, family/grilled cheese sim, LTW: marry off 6 children, 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3, serious, 3 grouchy, OTH: music & dance
Kirtland Carr, teen knowledge sim; LTW: become prestidigitator, 10 neat, 8 outgoing, 10 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy, OTH: sports

Everyone's sick...but family Sunday must go on!

Not everyone likes Family Sunday. I have no idea what Trevor did to Charlotte.

Sarah and her cousin Skylar Cormier

Sarah's birthday is also on family Sunday. She pops up sorta funny.

Then she is put down funny...and has grown up badly. And she immediately gets sick upon growing up.

Promotion for Meadow!

Another promotion for Meadow!

The twins wanted to get into private school. And this is about where the visit ended. The headmaster got stuck and I had to delete him. Oh well. Another day.

Promotion for Brooks!

A+ for Sarah!

And another promotion for Meadow!

Another promotion for Brooks!

Yay Brooks!

Trying again with the headmaster. Zeb greets him while Meadow makes dinner.

Uh, Meadow?

Oh no.

And we're out of food. More is ordered, there are 5 hours left to get the food delivered and to cook again.

Meanwhile, the headmaster's favorite room is the bathroom.

Oh no.

Then Meadow breaks the sink. Zeb is exasperated.

Finally, dinner is served unburnt, and Meadow can go to bed. Sarah talks about complex math with the goal of impressing the headmaster. Where is the headmaster anyway?

Visit is over and the headmaster is not moving. That's right, stuck again.

All that for nothing.

I may or may not try again next time. Next round, the twins will be heading to university! I think. Still working out the details on when the teens can/will go to uni.

Ghostlookinhereyes on January 3rd, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
Ugh, what a pain! After all that work and poor Meadow having to go through all that, and the headmaster froze TWICE. I swear, whenever I have a sim cooking when the headmaster is there, I constantly watch their task bar to make SURE they don't get distracted while cooking. I think the likelihood of a sim burning dinner when the headmaster is visiting is set to increase by like 500%. -.-

Great job on the promotions, though, and I still love that idea of family Sundays. :)
jungfrun68jungfrun68 on January 5th, 2011 09:49 am (UTC)
Ususally it's fine to serve burnt pork chops to the headmaster, but it's worse that he got stuck... Good luck on trying again
Rachelreksims on January 20th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC)
I'll have to remember that for next time.
lizbeth120lizbeth120 on January 19th, 2011 11:22 pm (UTC)
You're very brave to have family sunday while everyone is sick... I usually quarantine my sims if they have the flu b/c I don't want to have an epidemic on my hands, lol. Too bad about the headmaster, mine have been buggy lately but most of the time they get stuck right on the front porch, and you can't cancel the scenario, so blah. Good luck if you try it again next round!
Rachelreksims on January 20th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)
Ya know, sometimes I forget they are sick, and then go forward anyway. But I should try for quarantine, I'm so tired of everyone being sick!