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29 January 2009 @ 04:34 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 3: The Gable Family (Part 1)  
Previously on the Gables: the triplets, Justine, Jake, and Zeb were taken by the social worker. Auralee became pregnant. Efrat found his needs dropping. He died, but Auralee was able to save him. But his needs continued to drop and he died just as Auralee was giving birth to Jules. Now the house includes Auralee, the baby Jules, and Adanna, Efrat's mother, grandmother of Jules.

In this episode, the Gables move on from their previous tragedies.

Adanna plays with her only remaining grandchild, Jules. It took her awhile to warm up to him after the death of Efrat.

Auralee mourns her lost husband. But also desires to have a new family ASAP.

So she calls her friend, Joe Carr. You may recall, that he phoned before while her husband was dying. Heh.

Auralee invites him in and he goes straight for the baby and...

autonomously bathes him!!!  I've never even seen family sims autonomously bathe a baby!

What Joe seemed to miss though is that Jules was not dirty...he just needed his diaper changed. And apparently bathing a baby does not involve changing a diaper as Auralee had to do that after.

You're right, Auralee. I think this one is a keeper!

Oh wait...

Well that was the quickest crush ever.

Apparently Joe was a bit forward with the making out.

Hi Efrat.

While Efrat is cheering over Auralee, her needs have been dropping fast. Is this house cursed?

Nightmares about the baby. Nightmares about Joe.

Efrat haunts the fridge.

Jules and Auralee are best friends...and that caused one of them to lose 500 aspiration points???

Efrat scared Auralee.

Checking the pulse...no pulse.

Oh no.

What is wrong with this house???

Now I don't know if I've mentioned, but Auralee and Adanna (the only other adult left in the house) have virtually NO relationship. Like I think it's about 10. Considering they've been living together all this time and really been through a lot with the removal of the triplets, the death of Efrat and the birth of Jules...that's sad!

Still, I have Adanna plead for Auralee's life. Not really for a loved one, as much as an acquaintance.

She wins!

Take that, death!

Up comes Auralee.

Of course, as soon as it's over, Adanna goes back to bed. No thanks, no hugs. Just moving on. Maybe I should force these two to get to know each other.

I send Auralee and Joe on a date with a hope of renewing their crush. They quickly become best friends, so that is good.

Wait a second.

Uh oh.

Rejected for making out, yet again. Joe, I know she is hot, but control yourself, please!

Auralee goes to cuddle Jules mid-date. Awww.

Back to the date, a little flirting....

then ACR kicks in. So no making out, but this is okay.

Auralee tells Joe about her recently-deceased husband.

WooHoo complete...and a great date.

Maybe on the next date, you can make out with her, Joe.

They now have enough aspiratoin points for the energizer and I wasn't about to take any more risks with low needs. I also bought Auralee a more comfortable bed.

Adanna dreams of the social worker and her lost grandson, Zeb.

Awww, Auralee and Jules

Adanna works out for her job. But look at the number of days she has left.

Birthday party time! Apparently something is going on with Jaya and Komei. Interesting.  Guess she did have some success last time she went downtown.

Auralee and Joe...I like them.

Aww, they're in love! Also notice that Evlin Rossiter has attended.

Adanna and Komei are best friends. Despite the fact she doesn't get a  lot of attention, Adanna has done a pretty good job making friends.

Growing up time for Jules!

Auralee helps Jules grow up as Evlin cheers.

Blow out the candles and...hmmm...nothing.

Oh well, let the dancing begin!

Now Jules grows up!

Pretty cute.  He's gonna be a handful though: 9/7/9/3 and 1 measly nice point.

Jules asks Jaya for food. Apparently she doesn't get it.

More asking. Still no getting.

Grandma Adanna comes through!

I dunno that the social worker would approve of this.

Will Jules stay on the potty?

He does! And Jules and Adanna are now best friends.

This is the Joe Carr I remember from other neighborhoods!

Dancing baby spam!

I love sim toddlers.

Look at the poor kid's family tree though: a dead father and three siblings he'll never meet. In his memories, the first one is Efrat dying.

This is crazy crazy long. So I'm gonna put the rest in Part 2.


mordana666mordana666 on February 1st, 2009 10:10 am (UTC)
What indeed is wrong with that house? Joe Carr, I'm not so sure he's such a blessing - he's a mean trash can kicker whenever I've come across him before. Looking at Jules' family tree, I was struck by the though that he won't even have Grandma Adanna for much longer - poor kid!
Interesting update, and nice to see the community come together a bit for Jules' party.
ll_overtherell_overthere on February 6th, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC)
this house is totally cursed.
Run Joe Run!!!
LOL that toddler is adorable
tacy00ptacy00p on February 11th, 2009 07:18 pm (UTC)
Hah, gotta love ACR, woohoo is fine, but no making out! :)This house always has an interesting update! LOL