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27 April 2010 @ 11:17 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 14: Carr 4 Family  
Previously on the Carr 4s, Jake moved out of his parents' house after his father Joe died. Now he's in his own place!

Jake Carr, popularity sim, LTW:  become the law,  7 neat, 4 shy, 1 grouchy, 8 playful, 5 nice, OTH: cuisine

Jake was able to take some of the family money when he moved out, so he could get a decent-sized house. 

Jake invites over his girlfriend Brittany. Brittany has a hard time keeping her eyes on Jake's face.

They are now engaged.

Brittany  moves in with not so much money.

She quickly gets into her chosen career field.

Brittany has a bunch of friends in the hood.

Now you remember that as a child and a teen, Brittany had red hair. And from her eyebrows, it appears her hair really is red. So she decides to go back to her natural color.

Brittany's new hair...I think it suits her.

This was their first wooHoo by the way.

Promotion for Jake

Promotion for Brittany!

Shopping trip to celebrate the bonuses.

Wedding time! Bishop is Jake's brother and bestest friend. He is also the sworn enemy of Brittany. Are those related? I don't think so. But he gets an invite anyway. Let's see how that goes.

Chloe wears her wedding dress to the wedding. Jake gets stuck behind the smustlers.

The wedding.

Auralee's children who've gotten married: Jules, Elke, Zeb, Stuart, Bishop and Jake. SIX CHILDREN MARRIED! I expect her to be perma plat when I get back to her house.

The bride eats with the groom's siblings Devon and Justine, and her BFF Aimee Hartford.

Typical family sim...wants to have a baby immediately.


Returning from the honeymoon, both Brittany and Jake try to get in the hot tub...but they don't have a hot tub.


After the honeymoon, Jake throws another party. Apparently Brittany thinks Bishop, her archenemy, is hot.

Then she tries to poke him...doesn't actually do it though.


"Hey, she's pretty good!"

Another successful party.

The next day, Jake and Brittany take the carpool together.

Good job, Brittany!

Good job, Jake!

Promotions all around!

And another for Brittany that night.

And on that note, moving on to the next new house!
Rachelreksims on April 30th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
I'm hoping these two have really pretty kids. We will see.