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25 January 2009 @ 08:35 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 2: The Hartford Family  
Previously on the Hartford family, single-mom Jaya and teen-daughter Gila were both not so successful in their quest to get dates/WooHoo. But both Gila and Mark did well in school and Jaya did well in the military work track.

So on with the love quest...

Jaya calls the matchmaker, but they really don't have a whole lot of money to spare.

Great...it's Kennedy Cox.

Jaya thinks he is hot though.

Kennedy rejects Jaya's advances. It is clear that this date is not really going anywhere.

So Jaya influences Kennedy to fix the shower. He does a bad job. She has to fix it again after he is gone.

She tries to give him a friendly hug at the end of the date. Rejected.

Ooo. Mean.

Let's see how Gila is doing...

Despite her lack of success last time, she decided to ask out Orlando.

Going well...crush hearts were formed soon after.

Some Gila romance spam...

Best friends!

And then...first kiss!


They're in love!

Despite the fact that he much prefers blondes.

Later that day...

Then he calls and asks her out again.

I think I'm in love.

While Jaya is at work, Gila and Mark invite over the Rossiter siblings. Gila decides she likes Arlo.

Ooo, that's the same face as Kennedy.

Nonetheless, Gila needs to rack up the dream dates, so I have her ask Arlo on a date then and there.

While this is happening...

Evlin thinks it's acceptable to jump on the bed in other people's homes!!!

Evlin and Mark are so cute.

Actually Evlin alone is pretty cute too.

Jaya gets home from work in the middle of the chaos.

Back on the date...

Awww, it was Arlo's first kiss! Right in front of his brothers and his sister.

The date went well...he brought a chess table!

Gila and Mark break in the chess table the next morning.

Jaya gets another promotion. Woo!

I send Jaya downtown to see if she can pick up some men...or women. She needs 20 woohoos, it doesn't matter the gender.

Hmm...that didn't go well.

Let's see if this works.

Yup, that's better.

Gila sneaks out with her new friend, Sophie.

And comes back without being caught! Woo!

Jaya may not have success with men, but she's working hard for the next promotion.

She's skilling.

She invites her colleagues on outings and becomes best friends.

She also made best friends with Adanna Gable.

Birthday party time!

Gila and Arlo, awww.

Birthday cake time for Mark!

Blowing out the candles...notice his best friend Evlin is right there.

And he's a teen!

Not as cute as he was as a kid, but he'll do.
Mark becomes a family sim with a LTW to marry off six children. His turn ons are stink and full face make up. His turn off is cologne. His stats are 9/2/6/3/5.

Smustle time!


And lastly...

Mark, I don't think that's for you.

Next time, will Jaya ever even kiss anyone? Will Mark meet his future wife? Will Gila pick between her men or get a new one?

mordana666mordana666 on January 27th, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
This was a really fun filled episode! Kennedy Cox and Komei Tellerman - the two meanest sims in creation - no wonder Jaya struggled! Have you ever married in Orlando? I have, and so far he's always been a family sim - I don't know if that's relevant for you? Good luck on finding a mate for Mark, who I think is cuter now he's a teen. Ok, he's a little bit geeky, but then I seem to think the geeky guys are the cute ones in RL too. Love this family, and the update was great!
Rachelreksims on January 27th, 2009 09:17 pm (UTC)
Actually I don't have the EP (uni?) that allows you to age up townie teens, so I haven't done Orlando (or anyone). I might at some point, but probably not in this challenge. But it is tempting when a teen finds someone s/he likes!

And thank you for reading too!
ll_overtherell_overthere on February 6th, 2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
ah, I think its FT that allows you to age someone up w/ you, although Uni lets you send townie teens to college to age them that way
Orlando makes pretty babies and is an awesome family sim IF you can get him to fall in love... thats the key to the cold fish... once he warms up, he's awesome.
well at least one of them had some luck with dating!
Rachelreksims on February 7th, 2009 03:26 am (UTC)
Oh good...I think FT is what I'm getting next! Then I'll get to know these townies a bit more.
asimwenasimwen on February 7th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
Lots of love and lust and partying....! Orlando is fun to play.