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29 December 2009 @ 11:57 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge 13: Carr 2 Family  
Previously on the Carr 2s, Zeb moved into his own house. He invited his fiance Meadow to move in with him, then they had a beautiful wedding. Zeb tries to re-win his mother's friendship when he learns that Meadow is pregnant. Eventually it worked. Finally, Brooks and Kirtland are born!

Meadow Carr, family sim, LTW: become education minister, 4 sloppy, 4 shy, 4 lazy, 7 playful, 6 nice, OTH: nature
Kirtland Carr, baby sim
Zeb Carr, family/grilled cheese sim, LTW: marry off 6 children, 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3, serious, 3 grouchy, OTH: music & dance
Brooks Carr, baby sim

Promotion for Meadow!

Then she comes home and looks totally perplexed with what to do with two babies.

Meadow has gained some weight. Makes sense...she just gave birth to twins. Luckily she needs to work out for her job anyway.

Promotion for Zeb!

Elke comes by to steal the paper. Why? No reason.

Zeb lectures the babies for things beyond their control. Good job, family sim.

Cute pictures of Zeb and Meadow with Kirtland.

Finally Zeb and Meadow have enough money to build another floor. Brooks and Kirtland are each given their own rooms.

Jules, Ivy, and Aaron came to visit. Ivy and Jules immediately go grab a baby each.

Then put them on the floor to eat grilled cheese.

Meadow thinks the carpool driver is totally hot.

The family is invited for the twins' birthday. Kirtland floats in the air while he needs to be changed. Elke seems to levitate him.

Justine pretends to wash Kirtland so he is less dirty, even though that's not the problem. And there is no baby in the sink.

Elke's really disgusted by the floating naked smelly baby.

Zeb pretends to change the baby upstairs.

And Whistler levitates the baby downstairs.

End of baby glitches.

Birthday time!

Meadow begins to grow up Brooks...then decides to leave him hanging. Guess I wasn't done with the baby glitches.

Zeb is more successful with Kirtland.
Red hair???

Okay I got curious so I went into SimPE to investigate this red hair thing (I realize now I forgot to look up what happened to Brittany's hair while I was there, next time)...despite what I've been told, Meadow really is blond. Zeb has a brown hair dominant and red hair recessive. He got the red hair recessive from his birth father Efrat, who had brown hair dominant and red hair recessive. Awesome! I love recessive genes.

He's a funny looking little guy.

Neat, active, and tired.

Oh right, there's another baby here.

Red hair for Brooks too!

The party is crummy. Probably too many glitchy babies.

It's gonna be hard to marry off six children if you only have two, Zeb.

Zeb and Meadow got Marsha to stay and clean up, while they went to bed.

Here's Brooks personality by the way. Active and grouchy. Great.

Toddler picture spam

Another promotion for Meadow!

Stuart comes over, uses the computer, and gets 5000 aspiration points. Interesting.

More toddler spam...

Birthday party time again.

The boys are old enough to help with the entertaining.

Kirtland is still kinda funny looking.

Skylar is spreading germs.

Brooks is kinda cute.

This party was a success...but it's too late for their health.

The next morning, the boys get ready for school. Kirtland wants to use the toilet. Brooks want to use the tub. So what do they do? Shoo each other for over an hour, no one gets what they want, then the bus comes and they go to school. I have never seen sims be so stubborn.

That's it. Next time, the boys start school. Will Meadow and Zeb ever have other children to work toward Zeb's LTW? I kinda hope no.

itlandm_simsitlandm_sims on December 30th, 2009 07:42 am (UTC)
Chubby Meadow is kind of Marilyn Monroe'ish, I think...

Hmm, it is normal to fear having a baby when the twins are small, but usually it gives way to wanting a baby when they age up. If it didn't when they grew up to schoolkids, that could be a problem. I sometimes use a date or just a trip to town to make sure the wants and fears are rolled anew.

Anyway, love that the kids got red hair! Didn't see that coming.
Rachelreksims on December 31st, 2009 03:54 am (UTC)
I see what you're saying re: Marilyn!

And yeah, the red hair was definitely a fun surprise.
jungfrun68jungfrun68 on December 30th, 2009 09:18 am (UTC)
Most interesting thing with the red hair is that it's different shades. I love recessive genes too, and have special columns in my excel sheet to keep track. I await a blond explosion in the next generation :)

I could have sworn Meadow is a fake blond, I think I checked in my game sometime...
Rachelreksims on December 31st, 2009 03:55 am (UTC)
I feel like I've seen that mentioned a few places. Maybe it differs from game to game?
Ghostlookinhereyes on December 30th, 2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Meadow's genes. Yeah, I figured after everything I'd heard, Meadow and Alain in my hood would certainly have brown-haired babies, but little Bastien turned out blonde! Yay! Have to continue that blonde-haired trend somehow...

I, personally, find naked, floating, smelly babies disturbing myself.
lizbeth120lizbeth120 on January 13th, 2010 06:22 pm (UTC)
Neat, red hair for both babies -- I can't wait until some recessive genes start popping up in my hood, prob next generation! I think Kirtland is a cutie :) The levitating babies are too funny, as was Ivy and Jules dropping the babies on the floor for some good ole Grilled Cheese -- everyone loves Grilled Cheese.