Rachel (reksims) wrote,

Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 12: The Hartford Family Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

It's birthday party time again. This is Evlin doing the inviting. You can tell by the love of Ricky.

Jaya spots Matthew outside and tries to persuade him not to ruin her grandson's party.

Michael's birthday!

He did well. Cute clothes even.

Max has been having a sad day and isn't able to have fun at the party. Mark tries to cheer him up...and succeeds.

At some point in the middle of the party, Arlo and Gila were again going at it in the hospital. Then Gila got out and Arlo got stuck standing on the water for hours. Then he complained people that the counter was blocking his way. I think I had to move_object him out of there.

Michael is exhausted after his party. As he is a bad apple, I cannot direct him to his new "big boy" bed.

At the party, Jaya asked Korey the headmaster on a date.

She wants to get married to REmington in the middle of her date???

Korey falls in love with Jaya's crass-ness.

The date is suddenly interrupted.

Alaina is born! The fifth child of Evlin and Mark, the second daughter. Her eyes are brown, I believe, hair is black.

Michael comes to cheer that he is no longer the youngest. And Evlin looks forward to talking to Alaina about grilled cheese.

Soon after Jaya's date ended and she was in love. Another one down.

Oh everyone is sick by the way. I forget if everyone was healthy before. I'm losing track.

Since Michael napped earlier in the evening, he plays basketball by himself in the middle of the night...Max's data is up just to show you the time.

The kid goes back to sleep in his grandma's bed...but then wakes up coughing.

At some point he finds his own bed...but at this point it's 6 a.m. He's gonna be totally phase-shifted.

Random shot of Evlin and little Alaina.

Silver gardening badge for Jaya...things she does between dates and playing with her grandkids.

Good job Carson and good job Aimee!

Jaya calls the matchmaker for her next date. She gets the nature guy...cuz of her love of nature?

His name is Sabastian. Jaya likes him, so she puts on the charm.

The date is okay, but Jaya has more work to do. But now she wants to help Michael with his homework.

He's not home yet, so the pursuit for Sabastien continues.

Evlin and Mark attempt another dream date. Maxwell is unhappy that he is not getting attention.

The date ends when Evlin rejects Mark for car wooHoo. I think she was excessively tired or hungry or something.

Michael goes right to bed after school...Jaya's bed specifically...and he dreams about injustice.

Max is still sick and he's pretty miserable.

Mark finally teaches Max to study, so maybe he can keep up his A+ grades with less effort.

Aimee does her homework in front of the stairs so a back up starts with people being unable to go by.

Michael and Woodstock

Aimee tries to help Michael with his homework. He refuses.

Mark has a meal with the younger boys.

Then he successfully convinces Michael to do some homework. In the driveway.

By the way, I've discovered that Michael is super neat and super active. I can tell since he runs around cleaning sometimes.

Aimee is become good friends with her cousin Duncan.

Good job, Max!

Max comes home cheering for his A+ yet again while his parents are busy in the car.

A+ for Michael! On the second day of school. This will take some pressure off getting homework done.

He also tries to show his parents who are busy.

Evlin finally gets out to cheer, but the poor boy is coughing as he is still sick.

He then goes for his regular afternoon nap in Jaya's bed. Do you think Jaya appreciates that stinky kid in her bed?

Just a couple random family shots.

Jaya invites Sabatien back.

In love, woohoo, moving on.

It ends with Jaya lecturing Michael for something. Then Michael gets ignored by his parents.

Late at night, Jaya sleeps and Michael is wide awake, continuing his weird sleep/wake pattern.

And that's it! At the end of this round, Jaya had 27 loves. Three more to go! Also, Evlin has had 23 dream dates and Mark has married off none of his children, but 5 of 6 have been born, so that's a start.

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