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29 April 2009 @ 05:46 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 9: The Florez-Kendall Family  
Previously on the Florez-Kendalls: Jocelyn hooks up with Ahbjeet, but no one finds out. Kamil kept trying to sleep in Logan's bed. And Logan kept carrying around his bear.

Kamil Kendall, adult, popularity sim, LTW: become a made scientist, 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy
Logan Florez, child, 5 neat, 5 outgoing , 8 active, 3 serious, 7 nice
Jocelyn Florez, adult, romance sim, LTW: become a hall of famer, 6 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy

Logan seems angry that his friend Orlando is now a teen. He couldn't even speak to him (I tried, but he kept refusing to greet him.)

Since Jocelyn has a gold gardening badge (the first in Everdale), she can now talk to the plants.

While Kamil is at work, Jocelyn invites Ahbjeet over again. Granted, her son is right downstairs...

But he's busy learning that he loves sports with Andrea Hogan.

Joe comes, runs to the gnome, then leaves. Can he not get the gnome?

Ahbjeet tries too...maybe there is a secret wall around the gnome.

Logan invited in Jocelyn's arch-enemy, Marissa. Jocelyn tries to influence Marissa to clean the house, but Marissa is not going for it.

Mark and Evlin stop by to attempt to steal the gnome. No luck.

Jocelyn and Logan garden together.

Logan greets Kamil after work.

Despite the fact that Logan's parents aren't so interested in him, he actually has very good relationships with both of them.

The nanny doesn't show...so I have Kamil call in sick.

Excellent! They don't want that swine flu contaminating their work place.

Logan can't get to the gnome either. I have no idea what is blocking it.

Kamil has found his OTH is music and dance. Cool.

Birthday party time!

Promotion for Jocelyn!

Just as the guests arrive. Andrea refuses to play red hands with Logan.

First up...Jocelyn!

Old. But not bad looking.

I forgot she could age up people too...I decide to just go for Ahbjeet since she's known him for a long time and has the closest relationship with him.

When sims die do they get to choose 3 sims to come with them?

I decide to pick Jocelyn a secondary aspiration. She picks fortune. That works...she has a career-related LTW, so fortune should help push her along.

Evlin and Jules (who was not invited to the party) go for the gnome. The gnome shoos them away.

Next up...Logan's birthday!

Not bad (those are his gym clothes, not his every day).

Now for aspiration. If it were up to me, he'd be family. Or maybe popularity. So I roll...

Pleasure. Fantastic. So not personality appropriate.

Joe enters just to poke Kamil. He is quickly dismissed.

The party was a success. Too bad Logan missed the end of it.

After the party, Kamil and Jocelyn celebrate on their own.

Jocelyn tries out the juicer the next morning. She makes strawberry juice.

Oh look...it's old Ahbjeet.

Logan decides to start his life of pleasure by calling the matchmaker. He gives her about 3000 simoleons.

Her name is Nicole, I believe.

There is mutual interest.

Flirting is rejected, but dancing is okay.

Date ends with a kiss!

Oh I forgot to mention...LTW...50 dream dates. UGH. This was not a dream date, but it's a good start.

And the dancing continues.

Promotion for Kamil!

The next day...

Ahbjeet comes over while Kamil is at work and Logan is at school. They decide to go on a date and call a cab. Guess when the cab gets there?

Exactly. Neither Kamil nor Logan seem to notice Jocelyn sneaking off on a date.

They are still romantic in their elder-hood.

And Mrs. Crumplebottom doesn't care how old you are...no PDA!

Ooo, twins. That could be a whole different game.

You want to bring him home, huh? You like drama? Anyway it's not happening.

This is okay though.

Back at home...

Elke steals the newspaper!

Simultaneous disapproval.

Logan has no interest in Tosha at all, by the way.

Well sure. Since Ahbjeet had a good time.

First some fun with her "sambo" though.

As usual, I buy a car when the ride isn't coming. No cab came, so Jocelyn drove to the outing with Connor.

Jaya and Bai do not like Connor. Then why did they come on the outing? Or maybe they just don't like Jocelyn toasting him.

Hmm...he does seem to like her.

He announces to the table that he thinks Jocelyn is totally hot.

And that's it! Next time: will Jocelyn find a new love interest in Connor? And will she ever reach the top of the athletic career? Will Logan go on more dates? Will Kamil do anything?

lizbeth120lizbeth120 on April 30th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Gah! 50 dream dates is awful... Ahbjeet makes an adorable senior citizen, I'll have to remember that. The recurring gnome with invisible force field had me laughing the whole time. What's the deal with sims trying to steal gnomes anyway?

itlandm_simsitlandm_sims on April 30th, 2009 10:12 am (UTC)
NATO needs to analyze that gnome for their "rocket shield". ^_^ u

And no, unfortunately you can't take your friends with you to The Other Shore. I can kind of see how that would set a bad precedent for real life (real death?) and all, but it means we end up with a steadily larger gray populace. I'm thinking of creating a no-points institution where the elderly townies can live out their last days and finally cross over peacefully. I don't have the heart to just feed them to the flies.
Rachelreksims on April 30th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Ooo, a retirement community! The excessively gray townies was my concern, but when it gets to that point, I may open the Everdale retirement community.
jungfrun68jungfrun68 on April 30th, 2009 10:21 am (UTC)
It's so fun with jocelyn's relationship on the side! Escpecially since her "sambo" (You learnt a new word I believe :)) is so clueless
Rachelreksims on April 30th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
I thought you'd be impressed with that. :)
mordana666mordana666 on April 30th, 2009 05:44 pm (UTC)
One of the best things to come out of Seasons was the juicer. I've not used it in ages, but I'm going to start again since Jocelyn reminded me of it.
Whatever's stopping the gnome from being stolen needs to stay - it's far more entertaining watching sims frustration than seeing them run off with it.
I have never accepted an invite to an outing - you seem to do the things I never get round to. Are they always a success?
Nice update.
Rachelreksims on April 30th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
Not always a success, although usually I can get them up to at least mediocre. Unless something really bad happens like a couple people get in a fight.

What's nice about the outings if they are invited out is they meet new people (potentially). What's nice about inviting sims on an outing is that if it goes well enough, they'll leave a nice gift.