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03 April 2009 @ 04:18 am
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 7: The Hartford (2) Family Part 2  
Continue from Part 1.

The guests arrive. Most come in formal wear thanks to the change of season. But not all. Also when they go in the house and out again, they change to outerwear. I'm gonna have to think more about this seasons and weather thing.

Arlo greets his very pregnant sister Evlin, and her new husband Mark.

Arlo thinks that Jaya, his mother-in-law to be, is super hot. This could be trouble. Or an interesting development.

Time for the ceremony.

Ooo, standing ovation from the left side. Just regular applause from the right side.

Still under the wedding arch, and Arlo is noticing his mother-in-law.

There's the full standing ovation. What a happy wedding.

The guests include the other four Rossiter siblings (left and middle), Jaya, Gila's mother (back middle), Mark, Gila's brother (right front), Raven, a married-in Rossiter (back right), and a few friends (only one of whome made it in this picture).

Gila doesn't have much luck talking with her new brother-in-law, Jarel.

There are two toilets, but Evlin decides to go home anyway. The poor woman is gonna give birth momentarily so it is probably just as well this way.

Winnie does not want to hug Arlo. Maybe cuz he's in his outerwear, not his formal wear.

The bride and groom dance. Winnie still looks angry about that hug attempt.

Mark goes inside to eat alone. He was always a sensitive boy. Maybe it is too much activity for him.

Gila looks sorta irritated at her brother Woody.


Woody and Jaya are very close. Also, Whistler thinks Jaya is hot too. Jarel thinks his wife is hot.

Jaya tells Raven how nice it is to have a family reunion.

Arlo, did you get involved with the wrong Hartford woman?

Gila: I'm tired of thsi party! When do we get to go to bed???

To the honeymoon!

Before I noticed they had returned from their honeymoon, they were going at it on the couch.

Despite Gila's happiness with this marriage, she'd still like to date more people.

The guests have left, but still the smustling goes on.

This part of the wedding night does not need guests either.

Oh that was a date by the way.

The guests left thsi place a big mess.

Well that was fast.

Kamil runs into the house and then can't move due to an invisible wall.

He thinks she's hot...we knew this. We did not know he wanted to shove her. That's not good.

It is at this point I remembered that she had been using the telescope before.

Don't mess with Gila.

Good job Arlo!

Good job Gila!

Promotions all around!

I suspect Evlin will be here a lot.

Then they made super-pregnant Evlin walk home!

Gila tells Arlo about Kamil's earlier attack. He better watch out too...he loves spying on the neighbors.

Gila's been feeling pretty rotten, so I put her in the energizer. Then on to skilling...

The energizer might get rid of tired, hungry,  sad, etc...but it does not get rid of morning sickness! (Or late night as the case may be.)

Gila takes a break to have a dream date. And then thinks about the dream date.

Then back to skilling..


I figure Gila can use her maternity leave to do some gardening.

And that's it. Next time for the Rossiter (2) house (as they will now be called), the garden grows, Gila gives birth, and a few more dream dates.

mordana666mordana666 on April 3rd, 2009 05:57 pm (UTC)
Well, that was an eventful couple of rounds. I just love it when a happily, and in this case only just, married sim still wants to go on dates with other sims. Commitment doesn't seem to be a strong motive for sims. I see the bouquets are stacking up on the lawn - 50 dream dates come round much quicker than you'd think - and it keeps sims so happy too!
jungfrun68jungfrun68 on April 4th, 2009 06:55 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm fully caught up!
Congratulations to the happy couple!