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02 April 2009 @ 08:06 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 7: The Hartford (2) Family Part 1  
Previously in the Hartford 2 house: Gila went on a couple of dream dates with Arlo and one with Brandon. Also she got a couple promotions.

Gila Hartford, pleasure sim, LTW: have 50 dream dates, 4 sloppy, 7 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy

Gila brings home Evlin from work. Odd...Evlin is on maternity leave at her house...but still working now that we're at Gila's house.

Tryphosa invites Gila on an outing since her friend Brandon had such a good time on the date.

Oh look who's on the outing...Whistler Rossiter, brother of Arlo.

Gila may be an adult, but that doesn't make her mature.

Hmm...Whistler and Tryphosa...this may need to be explored in Whistler's part of Round 7.

Brandon is on the outing too of course...I hope Whistler doesn't report back to Arlo.

Gila decides to give flowers to the outing's host.

Tryphosa is flattered.

Gila also decides to give Brandon their photobooth photo...since she won't be needing them.

Brandon is happy too.

Whistler is too enamored with Tryphosa to notice Gila is cheating on his brother.

While they were out, Gila got some new clothes. Not sure how much I like them.

Gila invites Arlo on a date.

At least Arlo is honest about being poor.

"Call me, Arlo. You're hot."

Since they both need dream dates, I ended that one and started another.

Gila loves to smustle. Arlo just watches and waits.

Hello, ACR.

Next dream date!

So two wooHoos later, Arlo is still good to go. Oh to be young.

Let's try something different first...

Engaged! Now back to bed.

Let's conclude the dream date by having Arlo move in.

And he was honest...he's poor.

Now that they've had enough dates and wooHoo, they'll do some skilling.

Awww, Arlo wants to get married.


The next morning, Arlo checks the weather. Looks decent.

Awww, their high school photo.

Gila does a little dress shopping on her day off.

Jaya comes to visit and traps a lot of butterflies.

Why do sims do that? I don't much like bugs, but that just seems sorta cruel.

Arlo! My hero! And he got a promotion.

And it's wedding time!

The guest list

To avoid another winter wedding, Gila resets the season to spring. And Arlo energizes so he's not too tired from work.

In part 2, the wedding! I told you this was an exciting round.