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30 March 2009 @ 06:36 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 7: The Hartford (1) Family Part 2  
Continuing from Part 1.

Evlin goes downtown for a little shopping. This guy thinks she's gross. I don't think he should be commenting.

What to choose, what to choose.

Evlin was running late for work...so I bought them a car.

Oh good the gardener's here. This place is a mess.

When will the gardener figure out that he's not the only person Jaya's been wooHooing?

Promotion! Good thing she went to work.

Well, we'll take a risk about that rain...let's have a wedding!

Some pre-wedding playing.

Evlin's wedding hair and make up

Here's where I realized why it's a bad idea to have a wedding in the winter...everyone comes in their outerwear and not their pretty formal wear!

Hmmm...Kamil is hotttt.

The guests included the other four Rossiter siblings, the one sibling-in-law, and Gila Hartford. I love that all the family shows up. Also, Kamil Kendall and Jocelyn Florez, as well as a few random townies.

Now, I will show that I'm totally a sap for Mark and Evlin. Here is a pre-wedding retrospective...

Now for the main event...

No one sits down. I'm never doing another winter wedding. Also, the eyes, Evlin! Watch the eyes!

Oh there are the guests...applauding from the porch...where they can't see.

Uh oh. We don't need a fight breaking out.

Evlin sends Ricky on his way.

Excuse me! Hot guy using the toilet!

Whistler toasts his little sister.

Sophie leaves cuz she needs the bathroom...both bathrooms are unoccupied.

Maybe I should have gotten Mark a new suit so he didn't blend in with the bride.

Jocelyn and Kamil claim they are leaving to use the bathroom too...while both here are still unoccupied.

Then Arlo and Gila. Maybe they're making excuses.

Cake cutting next...

Now cake eating...

Evlin you look so beautiful in that dress.

Thanks! I am hoping to wear it a lot.

Uh, no, she is in the middle of her son's wedding. Also, she's already gotten what she needed from you, Connor.

Evlin and her brother Woody

Despite everyone leaving to use the bathroom, it was a roof raiser!

While they're gone...

Huh, I guess this means that she's not yet had 10 wooHoos. So she's not even halfway there. Ugh.

Awww, and she has a memory of a family reunion.

And before you know it, Mark and Evlin return. And both have problems getting out of the limo.

They are meant for each other.

A little playing in the street before they head inside.

Is the round over? No! Part 3 should be the conclusion though.
mordana666mordana666 on March 31st, 2009 11:00 am (UTC)
The sepia photo's of their past relationship was lovely - as you say, they were meant for each other. Also, Evlin looks so grown up in her wedding hairstyle, but somehow I prefer her everyday look. Like you, I hate winter weddings, and have started to hold them inside. Only it's a lot of work moving all the furniture into inventories etc, that it's probablyeasier to wait for spring. On to Part 3.