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26 March 2009 @ 10:44 pm
Everdale Prosperity Challenge Round 7: The Rossiter (1) Family Part 2  
Continuing from Part 1.

It's a birthday party! Gila thinks about marrying Arlo. Hmm...let's see how her round goes. Moving on to today's party though...

Hey, Mark grabbed a baby. Also why do all babies think about Kamil so much?

He bathed the baby! This is a man who should be abducted. Or married to someone who will carry a baby for him.
I think the baby is Ted by the way.

Now...Marjorie's birthday!

Aww, she's cute! Also, that is Ted on the kitchen floor, next to the sink that Mark broke. Good job, Mark.

Marjorie and her Auntie Evlin. I think Auntie was meant to be a family sim.

Remember when Evlin was that small? She was miserable. Luckily she improved with age.

Now Ted's birthday!

Again, baby thinks of Kamil.

Ooo, he's cute too. And look at the eyelashes.

From this point on, I can tell Ted and Marjorie apart.

The two Hartford/Rossiter couples dance.

Uncle Woody plays with Ted.

Also, I love how all the siblings come back for these parties. I haven't had that happen so consistently.

And yes, Woody (and Whistler) will seriously change clothes during their round. I promise.

Daddy Jarel comes home from work and hugs his babies.

Then he takes a shower.

Hmm...Marjorie is keeping an eye on them.

After the party, Evlin asks Mark on a date.

Nice picture!

Oh no! Mrs. Crumplebottom!

Maybe you should go out again, Mark? Maybe you could be more enthusiastic for wooHoo in the photobooth.

And what's with all the guys in the trenchcoats?

Why are they thinking of Woody? Woody didn't wooHoo in the photobooth.

Awww, she wants to get engaged. Hmm...

Now I start showing pictures of the twins just cuz they are cute.

When did she go out with Ricky? I don't even remember. But sure, Evlin will go on your outing Marisa.

Woah, I didn't know when they became the bartender they actually changed clothes!

Most people think this bartender is disgusting, but Marisa is not most people.

Pour me a drink, bartender!

Auralee! Are you supposed to be at a bar while you're pregnant?

!!! Mrs. Crumplebottom! This is real immorality!

I get Raven a job in her chosen field of law

More cute toddler pictures...

Now some less cute pictures.

Poor Raven. The twins have all the same needs at the same time.

Best friends! I think everyone likes Ted better, I'm not sure why.

Good job, kiddos.

Marjorie got trapped outside. Looking a little more like Auntie Evlin here.

Jarel comes to rescue her.

And last, Evlin dreams of the guy she thought was hot when she was a teenager...yet she's never met. And I have no idea who it is. I gotta look for this guy.

And that's enough Rossiter activity! Next, two rounds of Hartfords, and one more round of Rossiters. This is seriously packed with stuff!

mordana666mordana666 on March 27th, 2009 06:04 am (UTC)
The guy in Evlin's dream is one of the Tricou children - he can be found Downtown, and is a teen.I think Maxis/EA put him and the other Tricou's in dreams deliberately so players would learn of the secret of Jon Tricou!

The twins are cute, and Marjorie reminds me of Evlin alot. After her public woohoo will Evlin end up with Mark I wonder?

I hate outerwear, all my townies wear trenchcoats/flashercoats - and the women wear the fur trimmed anorak. Why? I had to laugh when I saw all of yours outside the photo booth - maybe they were getting ready to flash Evlin as she stepped out.

I look forward to your next update.